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United Kingdom
United Kingdom/1965
Designed 1965
1960s languages
Third generation
Early Cold War

Atlas Algol(ID:8495/)

alternate simple view
Country: United Kingdom
Designed 1965

Algol 60 for the Atlas computer, produced relatively simple code because of the machine's large stack and rich instruction set.

Recommended by Wichmann:

"Because of the lack of optimisation and use of open code, the machine code is extremely easy to understand, so the author would recommend study of ths for anybody who wished to know how ALGOL 60
is compiled."

Feldman and Gries reference in passing a non-existent Computer Journal article from 1967 in their fmaous translator writing systems survey paper. I list it under the year that they gave (1967), but wonder where it came from. It might be in the Computer Bulletin of the same society.

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  • Feldman, Jerome and Gries, David (1968) Feldman, Jerome and Gries, David "Translator writing systems" p77-113 Abstract
          in [ACM] (1968) [ACM] CACM 11(02) (February 1968)
  • Wichmann, BA (1972) Wichmann, BA "Five ALGOL compilers" pp8-12 Abstract Extract: Atlas Autocode Extract: Conclusion
          in (1972) The Computer Journal 15(1) February 1972
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