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Language peer sets for Korsvold:
United States
United States/1965
Designed 1965
1960s languages
Third generation
Early Cold War
Genus Symbolic
Non-numerical Scientific
Symbolic/United States
Logical/United States
Expression-oriented/United States
Non-numerical Scientific
Non-numerical Scientific/1965
Non-numerical Scientific/us


Interactive non-numeric symbolic language 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1965
Genus: Symbolic
Sammet category: Non-numerical Scientific

Interactive non-numerical algebra, created by Korsvold from the Norwegian DRE at Stanford

Related languages
ALPAK Korsvold   Influence
Wooldridge Korsvold   Influence
Korsvold MACSYMA   Incorporated some features of
Korsvold MATHLAB 68   Incorporated some features of
Korsvold Scratchpad   Incorporated some features of

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  • Collins GE and JH Griesmer, (1966) Collins GE and JH Griesmer, "Comparison of Computing Times in ALPAK, FORMAC, PM, and Korsvold's System," SICSAM Bulletin, No. 4, September 1966.
  • Korsvold, Knut (1966) Korsvold, Knut "An on line program for non-numerical algebra" pp1301-1314 Abstract Extract: Form of Input Extract: Introduction Extract: Introduction Extract: Functional Substitution Extract: Limitations and improvements
  • Engelman, C. (1976) Engelman, C. "Algebraic Manipulation Languages" Extract: FORMAC Extract: Symbolic systems
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