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Language peer sets for VL1:
Designed 1972
1970s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus 2d shape
Specialised Languages
2d shape
2d Construct-related
2d shape/1972
2d Construct-related/1972
2d shape/Poland
2d Construct-related/Poland
Specialised Languages
Specialised Languages/1972
Specialised Languages/pl


Picture representation by variable vlaued logic 

alternate simple view
Country: Poland
Designed 1972
Genus: 2d shape
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

for Variable-valued Logic One (written VL1)

Picture representation system by Michalski, 1972 Warsaw and then Illinois

A variable-valued logic system (a VL system) is an ordered quintuple:
  • X is a finite non-empty (f.n.) set of input variables, whose domains are any f. n. sets, called input name sets
  • H is a f.n. set, called output name set,
  • S is a f.n. set of improper symbols,
  • RF is a f.n. set of formation rules which define well-formed formulas (wffs) in the VL System (or VL formulas). A string of elements from X, H, or S is a wff if and only if it can be derived from a finite number of applications of the formation rules.
  • RI is a f.n. set of interpretation rule which give an interpretation to the VL formulas.

VL1 is a VL system with improper symbols that represent graphical subcomponent relations

  • Michalski, Ryszard S. (1972) Michalski, Ryszard S. "A variable-valued logic system as applied to picture description and recognition and recognition" Abstract
          in Nake and Rosenfeld (1972) Nake, F. and Rosenfeld, A. "Graphic Languages" Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing Company 1972.
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