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System for graphical communication with satellites 

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Country: United States
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

SYstem for graphical communication with satellites

  • Stabler, G. (1974) Stabler, G. M., A System for Interconnected Processing, Ph.D. Thesis, Brown University, Providence, R. I 1974.
  • Foley, James D. (1975) Foley, James D. "The Design of Satellite Graphics Systems" Extract: ISP and PLCD
          in Klinger, A.; Fu, K. S.; Kunii, T. L. (1977) Klinger, A.; Fu, K. S.; Kunii, T. L. "Data Structures, Computer Graphics, and Pattern Recognition" (Largely based on IEEE Computer Society conference held in Los Angeles, May 1975) Academic Press, NY 1977
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