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Language peer sets for Arsac dataflow:
Designed 1977
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War

Arsac dataflow(ID:7371/ars001)

alternate simple view
Country: France
Designed 1977

Unnamed dataflow language by Arsac similar to Lucid

Related languages
Dennis dataflow Arsac dataflow   Influence
EXEL Arsac dataflow   family member

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  • Jacques Arsac. (1977) Jacques Arsac. La construction de programmes structur'es. Dunod, Paris, 1977.
  • Dromard, D. and Dromard, F. (1978) Dromard, D. and Dromard, F. "Direct Execution Of An Algebraic Oriented Language" pp254-260 Abstract Extract: Introduction Extract: The language peculiarities
          in [Proceedings] (1978) Proceedings of the 1978 annual conference 1978, Washington, D.C., United States
  • Arsac, Jacques J. (1979) Arsac, Jacques J. "Syntactic source to source transforms and program manipulation" pp43-54
          in [ACM] (1979) [ACM] CACM 22(01) January 1979
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