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Designed 1995
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Country: Germany
Designed 1995

Flora is a language for implementing object-oriented databases. As such, it is not intended to be a user language, but rather, an intermediate language capable of supporting a variety of higher-level languages and applications. Flora provides a very general data model with complex values and complex objects, constructs for specifying data storage, and a functional-style action language that incorporates set processing operations and a user-defined function capability. Thus, Flora provides the building blocks that allow the calling language to appropriately model higher-level constructs such as classes and inheritance, and to build complex queries in a manner that readily supports various optimization schemes

(from Florescu et al)

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  • D. Florescu, J-R. Gruser, M. Novak, P. Valduriez, (1995) D. Florescu, J-R. Gruser, M. Novak, P. Valduriez, M. Ziane, "Design and Implementation of Flora, a Language for Object Algebra " , Information Science, 87(1-3), 1995
  • Florescu, Daniela et al (1996) Daniela Florescu, Jean-Robert Gruser, Hubert Naacke, Zhao-Hui Tang, Mikal Ziane "Flora Un Optimiseur pour Bases de Données à Objets" (1996)
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