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Language peer sets for MacNodal:
Designed 1987
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War
Genus Generation of JOSS I
Specialised Languages
Generation of JOSS I
JOSS family
Generation of JOSS I/1987
JOSS family/1987
Generation of JOSS I/Switzerland
JOSS family/Switzerland
Specialised Languages
Specialised Languages/1987
Specialised Languages/ch


Macintosh version of NODAL 

alternate simple view
Country: Switzerland
Designed 1987
Genus: Generation of JOSS I
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

Macintosh 68000 version of the NODAL system, implemented for the MacIntrotte system developed for the CAMAL architecture

Related languages
NODAL MacNodal   Implementation

  • Di Maio, F. (1986) Di Maio, F. "Macintrotte, a Macintosh based CAMAC control facility", CERN/PS/CO Note 86-17
  • Heinze, W. (1986) Heinze, W. "Preliminary control on Macintrottes for running-in of LIL 3OOMeV?, PS/CO/W 86-013
  • Pace, A. and Poncet, A. (1986) Pace, A. and Poncet, A. "Automatic residual gas analysis using a Macintosh or a SMACC through a CAMAC system?, PS/ML/Note 86-5
  • Di Maio, F.; Heinze, W.; Perriollat, F. (1987) Di Maio, F.; Heinze, W.; Perriollat, F. "Experience with the Use of "Macintrotte" for Commissioning Process Equipment of the LEP Pre-Injector" p597 in PROCEEDINGS OF THE 1987 IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference ACCELERATORENGINEERlNG ANDTECHNOLOGY March 16-19, 1987 Washington, D.C. Edited by: Eric R. Lindstrom, National Bureau of Standards and Louise S. Taylor, Los Alamos National Laboratory Abstract Extract: MacNodal
    • MacNodal screen

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