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Language peer sets for Marchuk and Ershov system:
Russian Federation
Russian Federation/1964
Designed 1964
1960s languages
Third generation
Early Cold War
Genus Arithmetic
Arithmetic/Russian Federation
Mathematical/Russian Federation
Expression-oriented/Russian Federation

Marchuk and Ershov system(ID:7659/)

alternate simple view
Country: Russian Federation
Designed 1964
Published: 1965
Genus: Arithmetic

Mathematical manipulation system with graphical assistance developed by Ershov and Marchuk

  • Marchuk, G. I , and Ersrhov, A.P. (1965) Marchuk, G. I , and Ersrhov, A.P. "Man-machine interaction in solving a certain class of differential equations" pp550-551
          in Kalenich W.A. (1965) Kalenich W.A. (ed), Proceedings IFIP Congress (New York, May 24-29, 1965), Spartan Books, New York, 1965.
  • Smith, Lyle B. (1970) Smith, Lyle B. "A Survey of Interactive Graphical Systems for Mathematics" Extract: Marchuk and Ershov's system
          in [ACM] (1970) [ACM] ACM Computing Surveys 2(4) Dec1970
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