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Language peer sets for MORTRAN 3:
United States
United States/1975
Designed 1975
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War
Genus Non Standard FIV
Non Standard FIV
Generation of Fortran IV
Fortran family
Non Standard FIV/1975
Generation of Fortran IV/1975
Fortran family/1975
Non Standard FIV/United States
Generation of Fortran IV/United States
Fortran family/United States

MORTRAN 3(ID:7896/)

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1975
Genus: Non Standard FIV

version 3 of MORTRAN, worked with FORTRAN 77

Enhanced FORTRAN dialect from Los Alamos, worked by being a preprocessor to F77

It was used in the EGS system, so when EGS was upgraded and running on new paltforms, so was MORTRAN (hence manuals online)

Related languages
FORTRAN 66 MORTRAN 3   Extension of
MORTRAN 2 MORTRAN 3   Evolution of
MORTRAN 3 EGS4   Written using

  • A. J. Cook, (1973) A. J. Cook, "Mortran 3 User Guide," Computation Research Group Technical Memo 209 1973
  • (1983) EGS4 User Guide to Mortran3 - SLAC 265 Appendix 4 Abstract Online copy Extract: Introduction
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