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Language peer sets for Tymeshare TELCOMP:
Designed 1967
1960s languages
Third generation
High Cold War

Tymeshare TELCOMP(ID:8058/)

alternate simple view
Designed 1967

Commercial release of TELCOMP as part of TYMESHARE system

Related languages
TELCOMP Tymeshare TELCOMP   Commercialisation of

  • O'Sullivan, Thomas C. (1967) O'Sullivan, Thomas C. "Exploiting the time-sharing environment" pp169-175 Extract: intro
          in [ACM] (1967) Proceedings of the 22nd national ACM conference 1967, Washington, D.C.
  • Feurzeig, W. (1984) Feurzeig, W. "The Logo Lineage" Extract: TELCOMP as the ancestor of LOGO Extract: LOGO based on LISP Onlne copy at the Atari Archives
          in Ditlea, Steve (ed) (1984) Ditlea, Steve (ed) "Digital Deli: The Comprehensive, User-Lovable Menu of Computer Lore, Culture, Lifestyles and Fancy by The Lunch Group & Guests" Workman Publishers: New York, 1984.
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