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Language peer sets for MFL:
United States
United States/1984
Designed 1984
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1984
Published: 1985

for Macro Function Language

Real-time vector processing language developed by Alan Deerfield of Raytheon for the ONT and inspired by APL. It was used to program the artihmetic unit of the Macro Function Signal Processor also developed by Raytheon for ONT

Related languages
APL MFL   Based on

  • Brommer, Dechant, Deerfield and Layton, (1985) Brommer, Dechant, Deerfield and Layton, "Macro. Function Validation Model Development", Raytheon report to Naval Air Development Center, 1985
  • Boggess, T. (1988) Boggess, T. "MFL Starter Kit", Raytheon report to. Naval Air Development Center, 1988
  • Deerfield, Alan J. and Siu, Sun-Chi (1988) Deerfield, Alan J. and Siu, Sun-Chi "Method and apparatus for addressing a memory by array transformations" United States Patent 4959776 Abstract Online copy Extract: Language claim Extract: Background Extract: Language manipulation
  • Swartzlander and Yang, (1988) Swartzlander and Yang, "AOSP Macro Function Signal Processor VHSIC Insertion", part of RADC-TR-87-268, January 1988, Rome Air Development Center, Griffis Air Force Base, NY.
  • Brommer, Karl; and Kline, Todd (1989) Brommer, Karl; and Kline, Todd "High level language programming for avionic vector processors" in AIAA Computers in Aerospace Conference, 7th, Monterey, CA, Oct. 3-5, 1989, Technical Papers. Part 2 1989 pp 903-913. Extract: MFL: An Example Vector Language
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