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Designed 1987
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War
Experimental and other
Experimental and other/1987
Experimental and other/be


Knowledge representation system 

alternate simple view
Country: Belgium
Designed 1987
Sammet category: Experimental and other

for the Knowledge Representation System

van Marke VUB Belgium 1987

Frame-based language built on Common LISP.

Related languages
Common LISP KRS   Built on

  • Van Marcke, Kris (1986) Van Marcke, Kris "A Consistence Maintenance System based on Forward Propagation of Proposition Denials" VUB AI-Lab TR 86-01 Abstract
  • Strickx, Peter (1987) Strickx, Peter "Extrak: A Second Generation Expert System in KRS" VUB AI-Lab TR 87-07 Abstract
  • Van Marcke, Kris (1987) Van Marcke, Kris "Context Determination through Inheritance in KRS" VUB-AI-Lab TR 87-01 1987 Abstract
  • Van Marcke, Kris (1987) Van Marcke, Kris "The KRS Manual" VUB AI-Lab TR 87-03
  • Rademakers, ilip (1988) Rademakers, ilip "Implementing Reflective Architectures in Object Oriented Languages" VUB AI-Lab TR 88-14 Abstract
  • Van Marcke, Kris (1988) Van Marcke, Kris "BKRS: An Object-Oriented Representation Language" VUB-Lab TR 88-09 Abstract
  • Van Marcke, Kris (1988) Van Marcke, Kris "KRS User Manual" VUB AI-Lab TR 88-15 Abstract
  • Steels, Luc & Van Marcke, Kris (1989) Steels, Luc & Van Marcke, Kris "The KRS Tutorial" VUB AI-Lab TR 89-16 Abstract
  • Gaines, Brian R. (1991) Gaines, Brian R. "Empirical investigation of knowledge representation servers: design issues and applications experience with KRS"
          in (1991) ACM SIGART Bulletin 2(3) June 1991 Special issue on implemented knowledge representation and reasoning systems
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