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Designed 1960
1960s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War

EMAL assembly(ID:8216/)

alternate simple view
Country: Poland
Designed 1960

Marek Greniewski, Wladyslaw Turski Warsaw 1959/1960
Symbolic autocode for the EMAL-2 computer, used some of the libvrarian and translation functional that came to fruition in KLIPA

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EMAL assembly KLIPA   Evolution of

  • Greniewski, M., (1961) Greniewski, M., "An Introduction to Programming and Digital Symulating" PWN, Warsaw; 1961
  • Greniewski, M., (1961) Greniewski, M., "Symbolic Modificators' Code--for the EMAL-2 Digital Computer," Warsaw; 1961
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