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Language peer sets for MCL:
United States
United States/0
Genus Task-oriented
Physical control
Physical control/0
Task-oriented/United States
Robotics/United States
Physical control/United States


Robotics language 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Genus: Task-oriented

for Manufacturing Control Language

Developed by McDonnell Douglas for the U.S. Air Force's ICAM project

Related languages
APT III MCL   Adaptation of
APT III MCL   Adaptation of

  • Freitas, Robert A., Jr. and Gilbreath, William P. (1980) Freitas, Robert A., Jr. and Gilbreath, William P. "Advanced Automation for Space Missions" Proceedings of the 1980 NASA/ASEE Summer Study the University of Santa Clara in Santa Clara, California, from June 23-August 29, 1980 Abstract Extract: MCL Extract: Robot control languages
  • Baumann, E. (1981) Baumann, E. Model-based vision and the MCL language. IEEE SMC Conference, Atlanta, October, 1981.
  • Snyder, Wesley E. (1985) Snyder, Wesley E. "Industrial robots: computer interfacing and control" Prentice Hall Englewood Cliffs 1985
  • Fuller, James (1998) Fuller, James "ROBOTICS: Introduction, Programming, and Projects" Prentice-Hall
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