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Language peer sets for ADS/+PC:
United States
United States/1984
Designed 1984
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1984
Published: 1985

Expermental GUI front-end for ADS-online. Developed by Cullinet but destroyed by COmputer associates in a hostile takeover, the team then reassembled by PowerSoft

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ADSO ADS/+PC   Front end for

  • IDMS-L (1998) Hoelscher, ed Chris "IDMS History - Part II" redacted from IDMS-L postings Extract: IDMS In The Eighties Extract: Rise And Fall Of Cullinet Extract: Emergence Of New Players Extract: What Went Wrong During 1986-89? Extract: Enter Computer Associates - 1989
  • Pollach (2005) Pollach, Chris "PowerBuilder History - A Canadian Perspective With An Aussi Twist - When did Sybase develop the product and how did it evolve?" Power Builder's Developer's Journer Jan. 8, 2005 Extract: Episode I - The Phantom Product Extract: Episode II - The Little Droid that Could Extract: Episode III - The "Force" Extract: Episode IV - The Attack of the Corporate Clones Extract: Episode V - PowerBuilder Strikes Back
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