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Language peer sets for ISQL:
Designed 1983
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War
Genus 2-D Graphic Languages
Specialised Languages
2-D Graphic Languages
Graphically Spatial
Spatially algorithmic
2-D Graphic Languages/1983
Graphically Spatial/1983
Spatially algorithmic/1983
2-D Graphic Languages/Germany
Graphically Spatial/Germany
Spatially algorithmic/Germany
Specialised Languages
Specialised Languages/1983
Specialised Languages/de


alternate simple view
Country: Germany
Designed 1983
Genus: 2-D Graphic Languages
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

for Image SQL

Hoene et al extensions to sequel to premit IR of images (initially for radiology)

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  • Assmann,K.; Venema, R.; Riemer, M. and Hoehne, K. (1984) Assmann,K.; Venema, R.; Riemer, M. and Hoehne, K. H. "The ISQL-language -- a Uniform Tool for Managing Images and Non-Image Data in an Image Data Base Management System," in Proc. Int. Symp. On Medical Images and Icons (ISMII 84), IEEE Publ. Pp. 42-45, 1984.
  • Assmann, K.; Venema, R. and Hoehne, K. H. (1986) Assmann, K.; Venema, R. and Hoehne, K. H. "The ISQL-Language, A software Tool for Development of Pictorial Information Systems," in Visual Languages, S. K. Chang, T. Ichikawa and P. A. Ligomenides Eds. New York:Plenum, pp. 261-284, 1986.
  • Assmann, K; Venema, R; Höhne, K H (1986) Assmann, K; Venema, R; Höhne, K H "Software tools for the development of pictorial information systems in medicine - the ISQL experience" pp333-356 Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute (NATO ASI Series) on Pictorial information systems in medicine Braulage, Germany
  • Chang, Shi-Kuo (1987) Chang, Shi-Kuo "Visual Languages: A Tutorial and Survey" IEEE Software Volume 4 Number 1 1987 Extract: Introduction Extract: ISQL
  • Karl Heinz Höhne (2002) Karl Heinz Höhne "Medical Image Computing at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science in Medicine, University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf" (2002)
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