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Language peer sets for PLZ:
United States
United States/1979
Designed 1979
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1979
Published: 1979

for "Programming Language for Zilog"

Zilog 1978

A high level language for programming microprocessors. A minimal block structured language, goto-less and only DO-OD loops with exit, repeat [from] or continue [from] placed anywhere in the loop. Record structures.

Used by Zilog, and by Olivetti in their S6000 series.

Related languages
PLZ PLZ/ASM   Dialect of
PLZ PLZ/SYS   Dialect of

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  • Snook, Tod et al, (1978) Snook, Tod et al, "Report on the Programming Language PLZ/SYS", Springer 1978.
          in (1978) Computer 11(3) (March 1978)
  • Burkowski, F. (1979) Burkowski, F. J. - Review of Bass Extract: Review
          in (1979) ACM Computing Reviews 20(08) August 1979
  • Conway, Richard et al (1979) Conway, Richard et al "Introduction to Microprocessor Programming Using PLZ" Winthrop Pub 1979
          in (1979) ACM Computing Reviews 20(08) August 1979
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