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Language peer sets for UTOPIST:
Designed 1983
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: Estonia
Designed 1983
Published: 1983

E. Tyugu, Acad Sci Estonia, Tallinn, early 1980's.

propositional logic programming language, used for the PRIZ system

Specification language for attribute grammars.

Related languages
PRIZ UTOPIST   Subsystem
UTOPIST NUT   Incorporated into

  • Tyugu E. (1983) Tyugu E. "Synthesis of a Semantic Processor from an Attribute Grammar", Prog and Comp Soft, 9(1):29-39 (Jan 1983).
  • Mints, G. (1988) Mints, G. and Tyugu, E. The programming system PRIZ. J. Symbolic Comput. 5 (1988), 359-375.
  • Tyugu, Enn (1991) Tyugu, Enn "Three new-generation software environments" Extract: Our second software paradigm
          in [ACM] (1991) [ACM] CACM 34(06) June 1991 (Special issue: Soviet computing)
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