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Language peer sets for FLIP:
Designed 1981
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: France
Designed 1981
Published: 1981

for FLIP, the name given in France at the time to foils, the physical forerunner of presentation slides

Declarative tree-form language for the rapid production of foils, developed by Gilles Kahn of INRIA and later used as part of the Luciflip visual programming instruction system used to teach chldren programming


  • Kahn, Gilles, (1981) Kahn, Gilles, "FLIP User's Manual", Tech Report 5, INRIA 1981 Online copy Abstract Extract: Introduction
  • Giboin and Michard (1983) Giboin, Alain and Michard, Alain "Introducing novices to structured programming with a tree programming language and a tree editor" INRIA Rapports de recherche 255 Le Chesnay : Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique, 1983 Abstract Online copy Extract: Introducing FLIP
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