"Modula-Prolog is a software package written in Modula-2, offering tools for constructing Prolog interpreters which can interact in many ways with other Modula-2 programs.  Fully compatible with Clocksin & Mellish"

Adds a Prolog layer to Modula-2.

Carlo Muller, ETH and Brown Boveri 1985

Related languages
Modula-2 => Modula-Prolog   Built on
Prolog => Modula-Prolog   Incorporated some features of

  • Kriz, J.; Sugaya, H. "Logic programming" in Guth, R. (ed) Computer Systems for Process Control. Proceedings of a Brown Boveri Symposium Baden, Switzerland 2-3 Sept. 1985 view details Abstract: The concepts of logic programming have not yet been fully realized, because of the large requirements on memory and execution time of conventional computers. The programming language Prolog is based on logic programming, but employs various additional logical features in order to be a practical programming language. Recent advances in compilation and hardware design are continuously improving the feasibility of logic-based programming languages for industrial applications. At the BBC Research Center, the system Modula-Prolog is being used for fast prototyping and knowledge engineering.

    Modula-Prolog permits the arbitrary combination of Modula-2 and Prolog programs and hence utilizes the advantages of both procedural and logic programming. Modula-Prolog has been applied to the development of knowledge-based expert systems for the configuration and diagnosis of technical systems
  • Muller, Carlo "Modula-Prolog User Manual" Rep. No. 63, July 1985. Inst. fur Informatik, ETH Zurich, Switzerland view details
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