Modula-3 (1411/mod022)

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OO language with genericity and prototyping 

L. Cardelli et al, DEC and Olivetti, 1988. A descendant of Modula-2+ and Cedar, designed for safety and simplicity. Objects, generics, threads, exceptions and garbage collection. Modules are explicitly safe or unsafe. As in Mesa, any set of variables can be monitored. No multiple inheritance, no operator overloading. Uses structural equivalence.
Version: SRC Modula-3 V1.5.

is a systems programming language that descends from Mesa, Modula 2, Cedar. It resembles it's cousins: Object Pascal, Oberon, and Euclid. The goal is to be simple and safe as it can be while meeting the needs of modern system programmers.  Modula 3 retains one of Modula 2's most successful features, the provision for explicit interfaces between modules. It adds objects and classes, exception handling, garbage collection, lightweight processes (or threads), and the isolation of unsafe features.  Used in industrial and research projects, and for teaching. It encourages good programming practices and comes with excellent libraries for distributed programming and GUI's.  Supports 25 different OS platforms.  

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  • Nelson, Greg "Systems Programming with Modula-3" Prentice Hall, NJ, 1991 view details
  • Harbison, Sam "Modula-3", P-H 1992. view details
  • Abadi, Martin and Cardelli, Luca "A Theory of Objects" Springer Monographs in Computer Science, 1996 view details

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