for Standard Generalized Markup Language.

Document structuring markup language

Computer Languages for the Processing of Text Subcommittee of the ANSI Committee on Information Processing 11978

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GML => SGML   Evolution of
SGML => GML   Implementation
SGML => HTML   Spec written in
SGML => HTML   Subset
SGML => SDML   Adaptation of

  • Smith, J.M. et al, "SGML The User's Guide to ISO 8879", Ellis Harwood, 1988. view details
  • Goldfarb, CHarles "A Brief History of the Development of SGML" SGML Users' Group (11 June 90) view details Abstract: SGML, in its present form, is the result of the efforts of many people, channelled into four major activities that occurred over the past twenty years: generic coding, the GML and SGML languages, the SGML standard, and major SGML applications.
    External link: Online copy
  • Goldfarb, Charles "The Roots of SGML - A Personal Recollection" web-published view details Abstract: The wonderful SGML '96 conference and its theme have awakened all sorts of interesting memories and ideas, going back over the nearly thirty years that I've been involved with generalized markup. I'd like to share some of them with you. But as this memoir will be short, idiosyncratic, focused on events in which most important figures in the SGML community did not participate, and taken from memory rather than research, I feel a disclaimer is in order.


    All persons, organizations, and activities (hereinafter "Entities") mentioned in this brief reminiscence are described only as I've been able to recall them and such descriptions are not necessarily how those Entities would describe themselves. I may have missed a detail here or there in an Entity description, but the overall result is pretty accurate. The inclusion or omission of an Entity should not be interpreted as an indication of the importance of said Entity to SGML, the author, or the world at large, although the omission of really important Entities, as always, could cause a parsing error.

    External link: Online copy
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings S17 view details