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C Language Integrated Production System  

C Language Integrated Production System. NASA JSC. A language for developing expert systems, with the inferencing and representation capabilities of OPS5, and support for three paradigms: forward chaining rule-based, object-oriented and procedural. LISP-like syntax

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  • Giarratano, Joseph and Riley, Gary "Expert Systems: Principles and Programming", Joseph Giarratano and Gary Riley, PWS Publ 1994 view details
  • Van Laerhoven, Kristof "Comparison of the CLIPS and JESS expert system shells" Project report for Industrial Applications of AI June 4, 1999 view details External link: Online copy
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    • Rule-based languages for Expert Systems (Haley Corp)
      CLIPS by NASA
      By 1985 NASA had standardized their AI development on ART but needed an implementation to run on IBM and Macintosh personal computers. As a result, the Software Technology Branch at Johnson Space Center cloned the forward chaining capabilities and syntax of ART and introduced the "C Language Integrated Production System" (i.e., CLIPS) into the public domain. Government funding for development or support of CLIPS was discontinued several years ago.

      CLIPS is rarely used for commercial purposes due to the lack of continued funding and other, practical, commercial considerations, especially when compared with the functional advantages of inference engines available from The Haley Enterprise and other companies. Nonetheless, CLIPS remains popular for college-level courses on expert systems. external link