User-interface extension language 

for Quick User Interface and Command Handling Extension

Extension language based on Icon

Apollo Computer

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Icon => QUICHE   Based on

  • Hinckley, K. "An object oriented extension language for integrating disparate applications" pp529-533 view details Abstract: QUICHE (quick user interface and command handling extension) is an extension language based on the Icon programming language. Like Lisp-style EMACS extension languages, it can be used to define key bindings. Unlike those extensions, QUICHE is not bound to any particular application, can easily make system calls and invoke programs and can call entry points in the program it is extending, either directly or through a trait binding mechanism. It is this latter ability that makes QUICHE an ideal means of unifying application interfaces. Traits are defined for applications such as window managers, debuggers and editors. Each trait encapsulates a set of basic operations that will be available in any instance of an object. The existence of a standard set of traits allows the interface designer to tailor interfaces that provide consistency across multiple applications, and to easily modify or add features to a set of applications. In addition, QUICHE can also extend applications which do not themselves support any traits. A manager can be written in QUICHE that, instead of calling the application, inserts the commands corresponding to a call as though the user had entered them.
          in H.-J. Bullinger and B. Shackel and K. Kornwachs, "Human-computer Interaction --- INTERACT '87: proceedings of the Second IFIP Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, held at the University of Stuttgart, Federal Republic of Germany, 1--4 September, 1987 view details