Interim name for Ada 

for Department of Defence  1

Unofficial name of the language that became Ada.

Related languages
Green => DoD-1   Evolution of
DoD-1 => Ada   Renaming

  • Standish, Thomas A. "Proceedings for the Irvine Workshop an Alternatives for the Environment, Certification, and Control of the DoD Common High Order Language" June 1978 view details Abstract: This document contains the proceedings from the Irvine Workshop which was organized to discuss alternatives for the environment, certification, and control of the DoD Common High Order Language (Ada). The Workshop was organized into two series of six panel sessions: these parallel sessions consisted of "A" Sessions, dealing with language standardization and specification, compiler validation and verification, and support of language cultures; "B" Sessions, dealing with software lifecycle issues (requirements analysis, design, documentation, program development systems, maintenance, testing, and measurement); and "C" Sessions, dealing with training and education and the social settings in which the use of the Common Language is likely to take place. The Proceedings also include welcoming remarks by Thomas Standish and an opening address by Lt. Col. William A. Whitaker.