Interim version of SNOBOL 

Brief existence, featured built-in functions, but not programmer- defined ones.

Related languages
SNOBOL => SNOBOL2   Evolution of
SNOBOL2 => SNOBOL3   Evolution of

  • Farber, D.J.; Griswold, R.E. and Polonsky, I.P. "SNOBOL2", TR Bell Labs, Apr 1964 view details
  • Farber, David. J.; Griswold, Ralph. E.; and Polonsky, Ivan. P. "SNOBOL: A String Manipulation Language" pp21-30 view details Abstract: SNOBOL is a programming language for the manipulation of strings of symbols. A statement in the SNOBOL language consists of a rule that operates on symbolically named strings. The basic operations are string formation, pattern matching and replacement. Facilities for integer arithmetic, indirect referencing, and input-output are included. In the design of the language, emphasis has been placed on a format that is simple and intuitive. SNOBOL has been implemented for the IBM 7090.
          in [ACM] JACM 11(01) January 1964 view details