Oak Ridge ALGOL compiler(ID:2236/oak003)

Algol compiler for CDC 1604 

ALGOL 60 for the CDC1604 A and B, developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory at Oak Ridge, Tennessee

outputted CODAP for CDC 1604

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  • Grau, A. A. "Recursive processes and ALGOL translation" pp10-15 view details Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to give an introduction to ALGOL translator design by means of the systematic description of a basic part of an ALGOL translator. This is based on a theory of translation related to that outlined by Bauer and Samelson, and serves as an illustration of the application of this theory. The approach that is followed here differs from that of Bauer and Samelson in that what
    we call the control push-down, though it is closely related to their "symbol cellar," is associated here not with symbols, but with syntax. This permits a considerable reduction in the size of the basle switch in the translator. Since the latter is given by means of the translation table or matrix, it follows that the number of entries in this table is greatly reduced. Further reductions are possible by the removal of precedence comparisons from the main
    switch. Efforts to make reductions of this kind were stimulated
    by the eonstruetiou of compilers for the ORACLE, where the high-speed memory is relatively limited. The theory will suffice for the construction of a full ALGOL 60 translator, with the exception of some features which introduce interesting theoretical and practical questions that are outside the scope of this paper. DOI
          in [ACM] CACM 4(01) (Jan 1961) view details
  • Bumgarner, L. L. The Oak Ridge ALGOL compiler for the CDC 1604---preliminary programmers manual. CDC List No. SPD-02, Control Data Corp., Minneapolis, 1963. view details
          in [ACM] CACM 4(01) (Jan 1961) view details