Objective CAML 

developed and distributed by INRIA (Institut de National de Recherche en Infornatique et Automatique) the main French research institute for computer science. Caml is a safe language. The compiler performs many sanity checks on programs before compilation. That's why many programming errors cannot happen in Caml: data type confusion, erroneous access into compound values become impossible. In effect, all these points are carefully verified by the compiler, so that data accesses can be delegated to the compiler code generator, to ensure that data manipulated by programs may never be corrupted: the perfect integrity of data manipulated by programs is granted for free in Caml.  Caml is statically type-checked, but there is no need to add type information in programs (as in Ada, Pascal, or C): type annotations are fully automatic and handled by the compiler.  Predefined data types include: basic types-booleans, floating-point numbers, characters, strings. And more sophisticated data types: tuples, arrays,sets, lists, queues, stacks, hash tables, and data streams.  Comes in two flavors: Caml light and Objective Caml. Caml Light is merely a subset of Objective Caml, designed for teaching and learning the art of programming. In addition to Caml Light core language, objective Caml features a powerful module system, full support to OO paradigm, and an optimizing compiler.  Available for PC, Unix, and Mac.  http://caml.inria.fr/ocaml/

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CAML Light => OCAML   Superset
OCAML => GCaml   Extension of
OCAML => JoCAML   Extension of
OCAML => OCAML 3   Evolution of
OCAML => OLABL   Extension of

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