Prolog extended with Linda-style parallelism.

Neil MacDonald, U Edinburgh 1989.
Prolog extended with Linda, implemented on a Computing Surface

Proc 4th Australian Conf on Artif Intell.

Related languages
Linda => Prolog-Linda   Implementation
Linda => Prolog-Linda   Adaptation of
Prolog => Prolog-Linda   Augmentation of
Prolog => Prolog-Linda   Augmentation of
Prolog-Linda => Prolog-D-Linda   Evolution of

  • Sutcliffe G. Pinakis J. "Prolog-Linda - An Embedding of Linda in muProlog" view details
          in Tsang C.P. (Ed.), Proceedings of AI'90 - the 4th Australian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Perth, Australia), pp.331-340, World Scientific, Singapore. view details
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