Symbolic Assembly 

for Symbolic Assembler Program

developed for IBM 704 by United Aircraft, at Hartford under Walter Ramshaw, then given over to SHARE

Ramshaw was one of the advisers to IBM on the Speedcoding project, and Roy Nutt's I/O routines were incorporated into FORTRAN.

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C-10 => SAP   Influence
GESAL => SAP   Influence
SAP => DARSIMCO   Dialect of
SAP => Macro SAP   Augmentation of
SAP => SAP   Renaming
SAP => SOAP   Evolution of
SAP => SODA   Influence
SAP => SPEEDCODING   Influence

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    The present paper describes, in formal terms, the steps in translation employed by the Fortran aritlimetic translator in converting Fortran formulas into 704 assembly code. The steps are described in about the order in which they are; actually taken during translation. Although sections 2 and 3 give a formal description of the Fortran source language, insofar as arithmetic type statements are concerned, the reader is expected to be familiar with Fobtran II, as well as with Sap II and the programming logic of the 704 computer.

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