United Functions and Objects 

(United Functions and Objects) an architecture-independent parallel programming language which runs efficiently on a range of parallel platforms. Combines many of the properties of modern functional and OOLs. It is not purely functional as it has stateful objects which encapsulates mutable state. However, the pure functional subset is sufficient for many applications (the UFO compiler is written entirely in this style).  The recommended style for writing programs is to remain within the pure functional subset except when their is a  good case for using stateful objects.

  • Sargeant, John "UFO - United Functions and Objects: Draft Language Description" University of Machester CS Report UMCS-92-4-3 view details Abstract: UFO is a general-purpose, implicitly parallel language designed to allow a wide range of applications to be efficiently implemented on a wide range of parallel machines while minimising the conceptual difficulties for the programmer. To achieve this, it draws on the experience gained in the functional and object-oriented "worlds'' and attempts to bring these worlds together in a harmonious fashion. ps