For SNOBOL with syntactic sugar

Andrew Koenig of AT&T Bell Laboratories.  1983

SNOBOL variant with advanced control structures

Provides a preprocessor to the SNOBOL4 programming language, modelled on RATFOR and EFL.

Like EFL, and unlike Ratfor, Snocone is a self-contained programming language, rather than a proper superset of SNOBOL4. Like Ratfor, and unlike EFL, the Snocone translator makes no attempt to produce SNOBOL4 output that is easy for humans to understand.

Related languages
EFL => Snocone   Strong, Influence
RATFOR => Snocone   Strong, Influence
SNOBOL4 => Snocone   Evolution of

  • Andrew Koenig "Report on the Snocone Programming Language" view details External link: online (revised) copy Abstract: SNOBOL4 is a well-known programming language with convenient semantics and clumsy syntax. Following the pattern of Ratfor and EFL, we have added "syntactic sugar" to SNOBOL4, with an eye toward making it easier to use. We call the result Snocone.

    We describe the Snocone language in enough detail that people not familiar with SNOBOL4 can learn to use it, although previous familiarity with SNOBOL4 will help.

          in USENIX Conference Portland, Oregon June 1985 view details
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