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  • Lozano-Perez, Tomas "The Design of a Mechanical Assembly System" MIT AI Technical report TR-397 December 1976 view details ps pdf Extract: LLAMA spec
    This appendix specifies LLAMA (Low-level Language for Automatic Mechanical Assembly). This language is designed for use with the Little Robot System [Silver}. The language definition itself is independent of the manipulator, but the language was defined with one manipulator in mind. A more general manipulator will undoubtedly require extensions to the language. Similar languages for more general manipulators are described in [Finkel et al] and [Darringer & Blasgenl
    The LLAMA "language" merely extends LISP with a few primitives for arm control. The new statements are of three type) which I will call reference frame, single axis motion and multiple axis motion statements.
    Manipulator languages are mainly concerned with positions and orientations. The most common and effective method for specifying positions and orientations is by means of reference frame transformations. A reference frame, {reff), is defined by specifying three rotations and three scalar displacements and a base coordinate system (cf. Chapter 2). There are two global base coordinate systems known as ARH-REFF and TABLE-REFF, the first is the manipulator's coordinate system centered between the fingers, the other is anchored on the table and all reffs are related to it, usually through several levels of Indirection.
    The language provides a mechanism for specifying reffs and for linking them together. These are the REFF and ATTACH statements. The REFF command takes a list of angles, a list of displacements and a reff and define) another reff. The ATTACH statement indicates that two reffs are to maintain the same relationship to each other, independent of what happens to either of them. This Is most useful for specifying positions and orientation on movable objects.