Compiler generator language 

Compiler generator language and programming environment

Tom Cheatham, Technical Operations Inc Jan 1961, then Computer Associates 1961

Singled out for Praise by Holt in 1960 article on labelling etc

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CL-I => QUERY   Co-development

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    There is, to my knowledge, only one system presently in existence, namely CL-1I [3], that integrates all of the service functions 1 through (i info a single system. At the core of CL-1 is a general-purpose operator program that will run arbitrary programs. CL-1 includes a library of special service programs, as defined above, including an assembler and an algebraic compiler (as well as a corrector, etc.), which are operable by the general operator program [4].
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    The system is based on a master file eoncept and has provisions for accepting, storing, and retrieving both deseriptions and instances of large and complex data sets, as well as algorithms defined in these data sets. Both data and algorithms may be expressed in a family of command and descriptive languages.
    The concept of distinct data descriptions and the content and use of such descriptions are discussed in some detail.

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    [321 programming languages with indication of the computer manufacturers, on whose machinery the appropriate languages are used to know.  Register of the 74 computer companies;  Sequence of the programming languages after the number of manufacturing firms, on whose plants the language is implemented;  Sequence of the manufacturing firms after the number of used programming languages.]
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