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  • Len, R. G. review of White view details Abstract: This paper is a rather informal, qualitative discussion of two specific aspects of digital simulation languages: namely, their capability for handling sets of nonlinear algebraic equations, and their integration algorithms.

    The author laments the general lack of an adequate simultaneous algebraic equation solving capability among most of the better known simulation languages. He cites the provision made for this function in the APSE program; but, unfortunately, the only reference listing for this program is an unpublished report.

    In the discussion of integration algorithms, the author acknowledges the difficulty of choosing a single algorithm when process problems contain a wide range of time constants. Some pitfalls of the frequently advocated automatic step length adjustment are described.

    The paper will be of interest to active workers in the field who would like to "compare notes" with one of their peers.

          in ACM Computing Reviews 9(08) August 1968 view details
  • Report of the BCS working party on subservietn digital systems, BCS 1966 view details
          in ACM Computing Reviews 9(08) August 1968 view details
  • White, G. M. T. "Digital simulation languages for the solution of process control problems" view details
          in Proceedings of the IBM scientific computing symposium on digital simulation of continuous systems 1965 view details