MIX Assembly Language 

MIX Assembly Language

An implementation of the MIX pseudoassembler used for algorithm description in Donald E. Knuth's The Art Of Computer Programming, vol I. This preliminary release doesn't do floating point and has little documentation as yet, but it works well enough to be used in conjunction with the book.

Runs on the MIX simulation package

Related languages
MIX => MIXAL   Implementation
MIXAL => MIXAL.NET   Implementation

  • Knuth, Donald E. "Structured Programming with go to Statements" view details Extract: UTOPIA 84
    At the present time I think we are on the verge of discovering at last what programming languages should really be like. I look forward to seeing many responsible experiments with language design during the next few years; and my dream is that by 1984 we will see a consensus developing for a really good programming language (or, more likely, a coherent family of languages). Furthermore, I'm guessing that people will become so disenchanted with the languages they are now using--even COBOL and FORTRAN-- that this new language, UTOPIA 84, will have a chance to take over. At present we are far from that goal, yet there are indications that such a language is very slowly taking shape.

          in [ACM] ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) 6(4) December 1974 view details