Fortran running on the PASCAL machine 

Translator between FORTRAN and Universal P-CODE

  • Chow, Frederick et al "UFORT: a Fortran-to-Universal PCODE Translator (FIXFOR-2)" Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory Report Number: CSL-TR-79-168 January 1980 view details Abstract: The Fortran compiler described in this document, UFORT, was written specifically to serve in a Pascal environment using the Universal P-Code as an intermediate pseudomachine. The need for implementation of Fortran these days is due to the great volume of existing Fortran programs, rather than to a desire to have this language available to develop new programs. We have hence implemented the full, but traditional Fortran standard, rather than the recently adopted augmented Fortran standard. All aspects of Fortran which are commonly used in large scientific programs are available, including such features as SUBROUTINES, labelled COMMON, and COMPLEX arithmetic. In addition, a few common extensions, such as integers of different lengths and assignment of strings to variables, have been added. pdf