for Ada-based Design and Documentation Language

The  ADADL language is an Ada-based Program Design Language (PDL)
specifically  designed to be used to document both the top  level
and   detailed   design  phases  of  the   software   development
lifecycyle. Designs described using ADADL are able to be compiled
without  error  on an Ada compiler.  

The  ADADL  processor is designed to interface with  the  Doc-Gen
tool  to  provide Mil-Std or DoD-Std documentation by  extracting
documentation information directly from the Ada source code.

In   addition  to  automatically  generating  documentation   (in
conjunction with the Doc-Gen tool),  the ADADL processor and  the
Test-Gen   tool  will  automatically  generate  Test  plans   and
procedures for unit testing of all program units

Related languages
Ada => ADADL   Adaptation of

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