Problem-solving package for ICES 

Specific bridge-design problem-solving package for ICES for civil engineers.

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  • Albertson, L. C., Jr.; and Kruger, R. M. "ICES BRIDGE I design system; problem formulation and solutions" Dept. Civil Engng., MIT, Cambridge, Mass., R67-71, Dec. 1967 view details
  • ICES bridge I design system; general description and engineering user's manual. Dept. CivilEngr., M.I.T., Cambridge, Mass. First Edition, R67-69, Dec. 1967 view details
  • Lee, JAN Review of Albertson 1967 view details Abstract: This manual is a companion document to the ICES BRIDGE I Design System, General Description and Engineering user's Manual. A knowledge of the design system concepts and the command capabilities of the design system is assumed.

    Five problems are formulated and output given. The first problem illustrates the language structure hierarchy and the many alternate forms of an input record. The second problem formulation illustrates the capabilities of the geometry program block. The concrete deck program block capabilities are illustrated in the third problem, and the fourth problem illustrates commands of the pre liminary girder design program block. The fifth problem illustrates the design system capabilities as a decisionmaking aid during the design stages of a bridge project.
          in ACM Computing Reviews 9(11) November 1968 view details
  • Lee, JANReview of ICES-BRIDGE manual view details Abstract: This document is one of a series of publications resulting from the Integrated Civil Engineering System aces) Project.

    This manual is divided into two parts. Part one din cusses the fundamental concepts of the bridge design sly tem. Part two is the Engineering user's Manual for the ICES BRIDGE 1 Design System. The Engineering Users Manual describes the capabilities and command structure of the design system.

    The ICES BRIDGE Design System is a computer system to assist an engineer in his decision making during the de sign phases of a bridge project.

    The communication link between the engineer and the design system is a command-structured, bridge-problem-oriented language. The commands and command phrases, reflect the terminology of bridge engineering. The commands are computer independent, and any prior knowledge of computers, computer programming, and computer operation that the bridge engineer possesses is beneficial, but not mandatory.

    The bridge engineer is responsible for assembling the commands. The problem formulation represents the engineer's understanding of bridge design. The problem solution is achieved by his directives, and not through some built-in automatic sequence of the design system.
          in ACM Computing Reviews 9(11) November 1968 view details
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