3d CAD system 

for Design Language I

N. J. Denil IBM 1966

Computer aided design language, enabling three dimensional shapes to be defined

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  • Denil, N. J. "A language and model for computer-aided design" pp527--535 view details bib:
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    Abstract: This paper describes Design Language I (DLI) - a prototype computer-aided design system. DLI addresses the creative design of 3-dimensional structure, using a display console for communication with the user. The ultimate objective of a design system is to provide a mechanical designer with a display console on which he may design parts and assemblies, do engineering analyses on these designs, modify them, and finally produce drawings and other engineering documentation. The design process in this ultimate system is characterized by changes - solution to a design problem is worked into a final design by a succession of changes and refinements.
          in [ACM] Proceedings of the 21st ACM National Conference 1966 view details