Micro SPL(ID:3939/mic024)

Henry Baker and Clinton Parker University of Rochester 1980

High-level Algol-like language that compile dirctly to microcode for the Xerox Alto minicomputer.

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  • Baker, Henry and Parker, Clinton "High Level Language Programs Run Ten Times Faster in Microstore", Nov. 1980. view details External link: External link: Online copy at Baker's repository Abstract: Short description of the performance results from a compiler from a C-like language to the Xerox Alto microcode.
  • Baker, Henry and Parker, Clinton "Micro SPL", Synapse Computer Services Report, Sept. 1979. Also Tech. Report 62, U. Roch. Comp. Sci. Dept., Feb. 1980. view details ps Abstract: This document describes the Micro-SPL language and compiler. The Micro-SPL compiler converts programs in Micro-SPL, a high level programming language similar to C or Algol, directly into microcode for the Xerox Alto minicomputer. The Micro-SPL compiler generates microcode which is competitive with hand microcode, yet takes only 30-50% as long to write and 10% as long to debug. Micro-SPL generated microcode runs over ten times faster than an equivalent BCPL program and perhaps half as fast as good hand written microcode without losing the advantage of writing in a high level language.