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  • Luker, Mark "An efficient, portable authoring language for microcomputers" Proceedings of the 1986 ACM SIGSMALL/PC symposium on Small systems San Francisco, California, United States 1986 pp228-240 view details Abstract: An authoring language is a programming language that is optimized in some way for the efficient production of computer assisted instruction lessons. This paper summarizes nearly twenty years of experimentation and development of authoring languages at the University of Minnesota, then presents the main characteristics of a new language that embodies many of the lessons learned over this period. The new language is called AL, for author language. Based on Pascal, it is easily transportable across most microcomputers, requires no special operating system or tools, and makes no assumptions regarding educational style or method. It was designed to maximize efficiency over the entire process of authoring, testing, distribution, and maintenance of lessons. This is in stark contrast to most CAI languages, which were designed primarily to simplify the author interface.The paper is divided into five sections. The first recounts experimentation in the 1960's at Minnesota with one of the first authoring languages, and catalogs its most important deficiencies. The second section describes a major effort to support CAI using a FORTRAN language preprocessor on a large interactive timesharing system. The third section describes how this approach was successfully adapted to microcomputers using Pascal. The fourth section describes the new AL language, which incorporates the lessons of the extensive trials with the previous efforts. The final section briefly compares AL with four other authoring languages for the IBM PC.
  • Luker, Mark A. "ADROIT, PC/PILOT, PIL and TENCORE, A Critical Comparison of Four CAI Languages from the Vantage Point of Computer Science" Tech Report 86-3 University of Minnesota-Duluth Duluth, Minnesota January 16, 1986 view details
  • Hosie, P. and Jamieson, D. "Plenty of chaff - some wheat: Evaluating CBT authoring packages for industry and education" pp208-223 view details External link: Online copy at Murdoch University
          in Steele, J. and J. G. Hedberg (eds), Designing for Learning in Industry and Education, Proceedings of EdTech'88. Canberra: AJET Publications view details