SNOBOL with structures 

SNOBOL with Algol-style control structures

Lavrov Moscow 1968

Related languages
ALGOL 60 => SNOBOL-A   Subset
SNOBOL4 => SNOBOL-A   Augmentation of
SNOBOL-A => ABC   Influence

  • Lavrov, S. S. 1968. SNOBOL-A; A String Manipulation Language (in Russian). Moscow, USSR: USSR Academy of Science Computer Center. view details
  • "The Jubilee of Svyatoslav Sergeevich Lavrov" Programming and Computer Software, 29(4) July-August 2003, pp181?182 view details Extract: Snobol-A
    [...]Lavrov moved to the Computer Center, USSR Academy of Sciences. There, he became the head of the Department of Software Engineering. This is where many works on languages for processing symbolic information were done with the most comprehensive BESM-6 high-speed computer (SNOBOL-A, Lisp).