Query language for the ODMG-93 database from OMG

Query language for Comm/Sci, uses Command,  Dev: Informatics HW: IBM SW: Mark IV

"An example is OQL, in which a query is expressed by first browsing a diagram of object classes, and then selecting the intensional pattern of interest (the classes and their associations)"

  • Alashqur, A.M., S.Y.W. Su, and H. Lam, "OQL - An Object-Oriented Query Language", pp433-442 view details
          in Proc. of the Int'l Conf. on VLDB, 1989 view details
  • Maier David et al "EREQ Project Summary" Oregon Graduate Institute view details Abstract: The EREQ project is expanding the EXODUS (Extra/Excess), Revelation and ENCORE/ObServer efforts to develop a common architecture among them for query processing in persistent object bases (POBs). It will specify internal interfaces, and adapt the query processors of those efforts to the common interfaces. Two prototype query processors will be constructed, each using software layers contributed by different projects. The goal is the insertion of efficient query processing technology into commercial persistent object systems by 1995. Extract: TECHNOLOGY TRANSITION
    Participation at POB workshops, including TI workshop on query optimization, which involved POB researchers and industry developers. The impact can be measured by the extent to which the EREQ reference architecture has influenced the Query Processing Module of the Open OODB architecture.

    Query optimizer for Texas Instruments Open OODB. Prof. Goetz Graefe, part of the Revelation group, and his graduate student, Bill McKenna, worked with Jose' Blakeley at TI to build an optimizer for ZQL[C++] using the Volcano optimizer generator. We judge this effort to have positive impact as the optimizer is the one distributed in Open OODB releases. The query optimizer generator is distributed by Graefe, graefe@cs.pdx.edu, (503) 725 5544. Tandem has indicated intent to use Graefe's new optimizer framework in the next development cycle.

    Collaboration with the Object Data Management Group. ODMG is a consortium of all major object database companies, including Ontos, Versant, O2 Technology, Objectivity, Object Design, Servio and POET. ODMG has published a proposed standard for OODBs called ODMG93, which all member companiers have committed to implement by the middle of CY95. EREQ members acted as reviewers for that standard. Our coming year activities are focused on applying EREQ query processing technology to OQL, the query language of ODMG-93.
          in Proc. of the Int'l Conf. on VLDB, 1989 view details