Interactive SLIP environment  

Interactive environment for developing systems using SLIP

Weizenbaum 1964 MIT

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SLIP => OPL-1   Based on

  • Weizenbaum, J. "OPL-1 : AN OPEN ENDED PROGRAMMING SYSTEM WITHIN CTSS" LCS Tech report MIT-LCS-TR-007 4-1-1964 view details External link: Page at LCS MIT Abstract: OPL-1, an incremental programming system presently operating with CTSS, permits the user to augment both his program and his data base during widely separated successive sessions at his terminal. Facilities are provided which make it possible for th
  • Fano, Robert "The MAC system: a progress report" pp131-150 view details
          in Sass, M. and W. Wilkinson, eds. Computer Augmentation of Human Reasoning Spartan Books, Washington, D.C., 1965 view details