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  • Eades, Cindy, Reilly, Kevin D., Barrett, John H., Minderhout, Charles "The barrel concept: a study in language system development" view details Abstract: We describe a variation in theme on abstract machine implementation through general purpose macro processing. Using data flow diagrams we show how the central focus of concern can be shifted from the output focus of conventional macro processing to an user-oriented focus, on a system developed upon an optimized and extended version of the Stage2 processor of W. Waite and co-workers.The approach has potential theoretical interest in its: being a modern expression of widely accepted older ideas and implementations, applications which incorporate synergisms in language concepts (string and list processing, tables), possible opening to logic programming.Data flow descriptions are used to illustrate top-level and selected lower level computation activities, e.g., combination evaluation. Usage of the array of capabilities presented by Barrel are outlined: portability, prototyping in a multiple-machine context, "permanent" (compiled) codes for network operations. DOI
          in Proceedings of the 20th annual ACM Southeast Regional Conference, Knoxville, Tennessee 1982 view details
  • Minderhout, Charles, Reilly, Kevin D., Barrett, John H., Gibson, John W. "Use of barrel in applications studies" view details Abstract: Barrel is a language-development facility, whose conceptual and theoretical bases are outlined in a companion paper. The present paper attempts to describe applications of Barrel and usages of it, on the Data General Eclipse, mostly, but also on the DEC Vax 11/750.The studies in which Barrel has been applied are primarly non-numerical. An attempt is being made to develop strong capabilities in both string and list processing. An important newer form of computation: that of logic processing is being watched with some facilities for it being included in the work.Four components of Barrel are described: BMAC, basic facilities providing an interpreter with some rudimentary compiler features, reminiscent of interactive Basic; BICON, delivering string processing facilities modeled after the new string-processing language, ICON; BLISP, a (functional programming) subset of LISP; BTPS, a table-processing system which links to other (network based) table-processing software. The components operate interactively, line-by-line or in larger units of code.

          in Proceedings of the 20th annual ACM Southeast Regional Conference, Knoxville, Tennessee 1982 view details