EASY ENGLISH(ID:4750/eas014)

Information retrieval language 

Information retrieval language from the Moore School of Engineering Library System

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  • Rubinoff, M.; Bergman , S.; Rapp , F.; Cautin, H. "Information Retrieval: Easy English, a language for information retrieval through a remote typewriter console" view details Abstract: Easy English is a natural command language designed to simplify communication between man and machine through remote typewriter console. It has been developed for retrieval of documents from a computerized data base, the Moore School Information Systems Laboratory files. Requests are formulated in a standardized syntactical form (examples of which are presented), and this form is then transformed into an equivalent query expressed in the retrieval system's original Symbolic Command Language, which is briefly described. Operation of Easy English is detailed by illustration of the transformations performed upon a sample request up to the point at which the request string is sent to the system. A macro flowchart of Easy English is included, and an Appendix provides the printout of a retrieval demonstration.

          in [ACM] CACM 11(10) October 1968 view details
  • Bloom, Burton H. "Some techniques and trade-offs affecting large data base retrieval times" pp83-95 view details Extract: English-like
    Cautin and Rapp, for example, have attempted to make their information retrieval language as English-like as was feasible within the scope of their project.
          in Proceedings of the twenty-fourth ACM national conference August 1969 view details