Simple RDF Query Language

  • Three Implementations of SquishQL, a Simple RDF Query Language Miller, Libby; Seaborne, Andy; Reggiori, Alberto HPL-2002-110 20020422 view details Abstract: RDF provides a basic way to represent data for the Semantic Web. We have been experimenting with the query paradigm for working with RDF data in semantic web applications. Query of RDF data provides a declarative access mechanism that is suitable for application usage and remote access. We describe work on a conceptual model for querying RDF data that refines ideas first presented in at the W3C workshop on Query Languages and the design of one possible syntax, derived from rdfDB, that is suitable for application programmers. Further, we present experience gained in three independent implementations of the query language. Notes: Libby Miller, ILRT, Bristol University, Bristol, UK. Alberto Reggiori, Web Weaving Internet Engineering, Arnhem, The Netherlands. External link: Online copy