Natural Language parsing language 

for Programming Language for Tree OperatioN

tree-based language for natural language parsing

  • NAGAO Makoto TSUJII Jun-ichi "Programming Language for Natural Language Processing-PLATON" IPSJ MAGAZINE 15(9) view details Abstract: We constructed a Programming Language for Tree-Operation, named PLATON. This accepts strings, trees and lists and transforms them in arbitrary way. Based on the augmented transition network of W.Woods, this has several additional capabilities such as pattern-matching, flexible back-tracking mechanism and so on. Because the system maintains the clarity of natural language grammars, we can easily develop various kinds of grammars, test and improve them. The system also has various flexible constructions in order to make use of semantics and pragmatics during its syntactic analysis. The detailed specification and organization of PLATON are given in this paper, and an example of using this is also given, which analyzes simple Japanese sentences.
  • Nagao Makoto, Tsujii Jun-ichi "PLATON : a New Programming Language for Natural Language Analysis" Information Processing in Japan Abstract Vol.15 006 1989 view details Abstract: A new programming language named PLATON (Programming Language for Tree OperatioN),which has the facilities of pattern matching and flexible backtracking, is described. The language is developed in order to make it easy to write an analysis program of natural language. The pattern matching process not only checks whether a rewriting rule is applicable or not, but also extracts sub-strings from the input sentence and invokes appropriate semantic and contextual checking functions. We can set up arbitrary numbers of decision points in a program. If a failure occurs, the control will be changed appropriately according to the cause of the failure. By means of using this mechanism, we can write fairly complicated non-deterministic programs in a simple manner.