Constraints-based programming language

  • OZONO TADACHIKA, SHINTANI TORAMATSU "On Constraint Logic Programming Language RXF for Implementing Multiagent Systems" IPSJ JOURNAL Abstract Vol.37 No.10 - 003 view details Abstract: In this paper, we describe an implementation of reflective constraint logic programming language RXF and its application. We develop the language RXF for multiagent programming. The language can provide functionalities for constraint logic programming, concurrent programming and meta-level processing. Multi-thread programming enables concurrent programming. Reflection is used for meta-level programming. In constraint logic programming, we can represent various data by predicates and process numerical data. An agent on RXF runs by using a thread. The agents can communicate each other by ports (message passing mechanisms) on RXF. The port is independent of any protocol. RXF users can program very easily to let agents communicate each other over network. We realize an interface of RXF as effective environment for programming agents. We have implemented applications to see how flexibly and effectively RXF tan be used.